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Payday Max Loans

What is Payday Max?

Our main goal is timely assistance because a loan in Paydaymax Com can be obtained in just 15 minutes.

Now, those who want to make a payday loan do not need to go to banks, spend their time in line, bureaucratic procedures and long wait. All you need is to use the services of Max Lending Payday Loans in any way convenient for you and be sure of a quick solution to your financial issues.

Why exactly us? Payday Max Loan quickly decides on a loan, and money is credited to your card instantly. Our conditions are convenient and clear, without hidden fees. You can repay the loan ahead of schedule or postpone the payment date by paying only interest.

Payday Max Loans takes care of your safety. The company ensures compliance with confidentiality obligations, as well as technical and organizational security measures, and guarantees the protection of your data. Max Payday Loan is a convenient service without unjustified restrictions.

What are the benefits of a loan from Payday Max?

  1. Loan without references and guarantors. To obtain a loan, only scanned copies of your ID and is required. Income statement and guarantors are not needed.
  2. Without a visit to the office and signing documents. To get money, you only need to choose the right amount and the loan term convenient for you on the loan calculator, go through a simple registration procedure and sign an offer agreement.
  3. Time-saving. You will spend no more than five minutes on registration of the application, and the money will go to your card fifteen minutes after signing the offer.
  4. The possibility of extending the loan. If you do not have time to pay off the entire loan on time, you can use the loan extension service. Choose the desired extension period - 7, 15 or 30 days, pay for the service and continue to use the money without charging interest and changes in your credit history.
  5. Independence of geographical location. You can take a loan without a certificate of income anywhere in the USA or while traveling outside the country. The whole process of registration takes place online.
  6. Bonus program. For regular customers, there is a bonus program. To receive bonuses, you can invite a friend to become our client, leave a review about the service or simply pay off the loan in full at the appointed time. Bonuses can be used to partially repay a loan or extend it, saving your own money.

Is it safe to apply with Payday Max?

  • Approved by the National Finance Service - Max Payday Loan works only in the legislative field, we have a Certificate of Registration and a License for the provision of financial loans issued by the National Commission for Financial Services;
  • Internal Security Standards - The company ensures compliance with confidentiality obligations, as well as technical and organizational security measures to prevent unauthorized or illegal disclosure of customer data;
  • SSL certificate - The certificate provides protection of your data, payment security and prevents unauthorized access to information;
  • No hidden fees - Paydaymax has a transparent policy, all information about the cost and conditions is openly presented on the site.

What does the Internet say about Payday Max?


In a difficult situation, my friend and my partner Payday Loan Max helped me. Thank you for helping out in difficult minutes!


I thought for a very long time and gathered my thoughts, it’s somehow not convenient for me to ask friends to lend some money! I decided to try ... everything is really simple and convenient, without cheating and in 15 minutes the money is already on the card!


Paydaymax helped me as a student ... I didn’t even think that a student would be approved for a loan, all the more without visiting a department.


Some 300 dollars were missing for the trip! And all doubted whether to take it or not? After talking with the employee of the call center I finally dispelled doubts! I take that and I'm happy.

How do I apply?

  1. Select the amount you need and the preferred loan term on the loan calculator and click on the “Get a loan” button to take an urgent loan without inquiries.
  2. Create a personal account. Enter your mobile phone number and email address, create and confirm a password. Payday Loan Max will send you a verification code via SMS and e-mail. Confirm access by entering the verification code in the appropriate field.
  3. Fill out a loan application. It takes less than five minutes to complete the application. Carefully fill in your details, read the terms and conditions on which loans are granted and check the corresponding fields. By this, you confirm that you agree with the terms of the loan.
  4. Verify your credit card. To protect you from fraud, Payday Max Loans use a bank card confirmation. Enter your bank card number, expiration date, and CVV code. The system will block on your account an arbitrary amount of up to one dollar. This is necessary to make sure that your card did not fall into the hands of frauds.
  5. Enter a checksum value. Enter in your account the exact amount that the system has blocked on your card and click on the “Confirm” button.
  6. Sign a loan agreement. To sign the contract, just click on the “I accept the terms of the transaction” button. Do not forget to carefully read the terms of the contract.
  7. Get money on the card. Immediately after processing the application, we will send an SMS message to the mobile phone number specified during registration. Payday Loan Max will transfer the loan amount to your card within fifteen minutes.




Who can get a loan at Max Lending Payday Loans?

Any American citizen who has reached the age of 18 can get a loan. Payday Max Loans gives money even with a bad credit history, the unemployed, and those on maternity leave.

What documents are needed to get an online loan?

Only an ID is needed, Max Payday Loan does not require photos with an ID or downloading scanned copies of documents.

How long will my application be considered?

In just a couple of minutes, you will receive a decision on your application, in the case of a positive decision, the money will go to your card INSTANTLY. You do not need to visit the office or leave home!

How to repay a loan?

In any way convenient for you. 1) By credit card - by logging in to our website, in the "personal account" section. 2) By Cash in cash terminals and bank cash desks. (Money comes instantly, you do not pay additional fees for paying on your loan).

What to do if I do not have time to repay the loan?

You can postpone the loan repayment date. By paying the interest accrued, you automatically extend the loan term by the number of days of the previous use.



Bottom line


Payday Max Loan offers high-quality service with plenty of benefits.

High-speed loan processing. It takes no more than 15 minutes from the masking an application to receiving money on a card. Five minutes is needed to fill out an application and sign an agreement, fifteen minutes is needed to transfer money. Payday Max Loans does everything so that you can get money when you need them.

Simplicity and accessibility. Max Payday Loan give money without income certificates, personal presence, guarantors and certificates of official employment. Do you work without registration? Student? Already retired? Not a problem.

All types of cards. Payday Loan Max transfer money to the cards of all US banks, regardless of their type.

The ability to receive money anywhere in America and abroad. Since your personal presence is not required to apply for a loan, you can receive money on a card anywhere in the USA and even being outside it. The whole process takes place online.

Low percentage. Paydaymax has one of the lowest interest rates of all credit organizations. For each day you use money, you are charged from 0.7% to 1.4%.

An opportunity to extend a loan. If you do not have time to return the money on time, pay for a loan extension service for seven, fifteen or thirty days and use the money without fines, penalties, and notes in the credit history.